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In many development countries, social studies into information about water and end users that may be potential customers are not accurate and incomplete. As a result, there is no reliable picture of the processes and where that information is based. Q4W integrates results of applied research.



Often investment companies, which are pro-poverty reduction, rely on this unreliable information, making incorrect decisions in the field of water supply.

This shortage of correct information relates to all areas related to drinking water supply, such as water treatment, hygiene and diseases, the influence of water on communities, existing projects and new developments, innovations and research by (knowledge) institutes.


Knowledge institutes often have a research priority, so that the connection with operational water companies is not made. Unilateral knowledge is then not optimally implemented.
Q4W; K4W's water treatment technology, water supply units and chip-integrated payment systems are all equipped with applied science and research technology, especially for water-related applications, enabling companies to adapt quickly and efficiently on the basis of these data, their service, innovation and business analysis.

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