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Q4W is a company that specializes in water technology, making use of the most innovative developments in the area of ​​water management. Our company's top priority is the sustainable and cost-efficient management of water treatment technologies, the integration of applied research, the taking care of community participation and the mapping of the total operating costs up to the end user.

Clean drinking water in developing countries

The ultimate goal of Q4W is to provide clean drinking water in developing countries where communities become the property of the water treatment plant and are ultimately responsible for the independent management of the process whereby local entrepreneurs provide the marketing and maintenance.




Our aim is to provide safe and clean drinking water by applying an integrated approach to efficient technology. The development and application of scientific research and the transfer of knowledge goes hand-in-hand.

Stability & management of water supplies

With a view to the future, we also help to stimulate local businesses so create more jobs for the local population. This will help to bring economic stability to vulnerable communities and it will also promote the management of water supplies.

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