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At the moment, taking care of clean drinking water in developing countries and transition countries is a huge challenge.
In many large cities there is a reasonable supply of clean drinking water, but a poor infrastructure, lack of materials and personnel, which leads to an unstable and unsafe supply situation. Because of these circumstances, the responsibilities of governments are often outsourced to "private companies".



Many of these hired private companies experience problems due to poor communication about the problem, making it difficult to provide good delivery and service. Due to these situations, there are often more delivery problems, the customer does not pay the bill and maintenance of systems, for example in the case of leaks, is not carried out.

There is also a shortage of adequate information about the economic and social status of the end-users at private companies, with regard to effective cost-effective water treatment and the delivery of the technology. Another problem is the lack of knowledge to switch from traditional water delivery, such as tankers and hand pumps, to new techniques.


With this knowledge, Q4W has developed a method for an affordable and multifunctional water treatment, complete with drinking water supply stations and a digital chip payment system.

This is one of the reasons why it is possible to invest as a community, private company and end-user and thus also benefit from water treatment and delivery. Important here is the possibility for telecom companies to be able to participate and to contribute to the development and independence of their subscribers.



The patented technology K4W, drinking water supply stations and the digital chip payment system, are integrated with an applied science technology to analyze the data of the end users.

This gives communities and private companies the opportunity to carry out analyzes on a daily basis and to anticipate service, maintenance and communication.
The K4W applied science technology and data analysis gives the communities and private companies a platform to deliver treated drinking water in a sound and safe manner.

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